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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  August 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> reporter: of the nine incidents, police believe they are related. they have just released reports of the first three incidents. one from march and the other two from april. after reading the reports, i can tell you buy it is easy to see why police are struggling to catch whoever is responsible. these three reports detail how the first victims of what appears to be a serious -- serial killer were attacked and into cases killed. in march, a 16 or a boy was hanging out at 10th street and more than. a car drove by an shots rang out. one of the bullets pierce the utility box and the 16-year-old was struck several times in the he survived. the car was a brown four-door sedan, possibly a nissan with tinted windows and a rear spoiler. the teen reported seeing a gun and believed it was a semi automatic. two weeks later, police believe the same person shot another man in marydell outside of his girlfriend's house. several feet -- several people
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description has been blocked from the report. i hand wearing a glove was seen sticking out of the driver side rear window. the body was found in the morning -- early morning hours of the 19th. it was at -- on raymond. shell casings were by her feet. a witness who heard two shots described what he saw as a white male get into the driver side of the car and leave.>> reporter: according to the reports that we have so far, shell casings were found it all three -- of that is how they are linking the case together. there is apparently no link or commonality between the victims. it appears at this point that they are random victims. police tell me they have received about 1000 tips on these cases and they are following up on every one of them. there is a $50,000 reward out. reporting live in phoenix, donna rossi, cbs 5 news.
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vicious killing. this is 16-year-old shea holloway. police say that he stabbed his little brother to death and will be tried as an adult facing charges of first-degree murder. he did not say anything during his first court appearance, but he is ordered held on $1 million bond. court papers say that admitted to throwing the three- year-old down a flight of stairs before stabbing him. today we spoke to the grandfather of the boys. >> i will say one thing about my grandson, shea holloway. i will tell you that love did not stop because of a single act and i am not going to stop loving my grandson.>> reporter: when we went to the house today where it happen, we spotted moving vans. the boy fests -- boys' mother wants nothing more to do with the home. a sister who was wanted has been released from the hospital
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you might not have gotten any rain at your house today, but it was a soggy morning for parts of the valley. just check out this picture and these pictures from our penguin air news chopper. take a look at this video. rain caused the car to spin out on 101 and 35th avenue during the morning commute . this adot camera spin out a few moments later. even though the clouds did not deliver a ton of rain, they made for a great view over sky harbor. the time lapse video from the airport shows just what mother nate -- just -- shows us that mother nature can give beautiful sunrise. let's go to paul. the valley still has a chance of storms tonight? that's for sure, but not as much rainfall. you can see it moving across the mountains toward south mountain. that happened about an hour ago and you can still see showers
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there are a few light showers across the surprise area. there's the 303. including sedona and out toward areas like snowflake, there is passion rainfall and a few pop up storms. another chance again later this evening and overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. over one half inch of rain and sedona with flooding issues. this is out toward the black canyon area. as you can see in tucson, over in half inch of rain. near scottsdale, there is about half inch of rain. a flash flood watch lasting until 11:00 this evening. there is still a chance of storms and you can see activity in the high country and down to the south of us. looking ahead to the weekend, things dry out and temperatures climb. we will look at how warm it will get in a few minutes. kris thank you paul.
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just download the free cbs 5 mobile app and click on the interactive radar. one person has died after someone shot three people in the same neighborhood last night . the others remain in critical condition. it started with a 35-year-old male and a woman started fighting at 12 street and thunderbird. that's when two men intervened. the man opened fire shooting a man and a woman before leaving. over. he is considered armed and dangerous than if you know where he has, call police. police are investigating after two people were shot at 21st avenue and indian school road. one was found on the road and another in a valley nearby.
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tonight. one with nonlife threatening injuries and the condition of the other person is unknown. police are trying to figure out what led up to the shootings. is scary situation out of valley construction site. a worker fell 3 stories near 14th street and bethany home road. the 29-year-old man was on the roof of an apartment complex when he somehow fell. medics rushed him to the hospital where at last check he was in critical condition. right now the fbi is looking for a man, this man, to arizona banks almost year apart. these are pictures of the suspect. the most recent happen last wednesday at a wells fargo in kingman. he is also suspected of robbing a chase bank in peoria on august 3 of last year. he may have taken off in the car that you see there, possibly a saturn. he is considered armed and dangerous. new details are emerging tonight about the death of a 10- year-old boy on a massive waterslide at a kansas waterpark over the weekend. investigators say that caleb schwab was decapitated. the park is not commenting.
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conversations about how amusement rides everywhere are inspected for safety, including here in arizona. regulations on those rides are a little more lacks and lauren reimer explains tonight. >> reporter: arizona has some of the least regulated amusement parks in the country. there are no mandates emplaced regulating regular inspections. something parents wish they knew about. i think any parent will be concerned when they hear this. it is hot and in arizona and a great place to cool off as the water parks. >> reporter: cooling-off means going to the splash pad with her kids. when they get a little older, they may have to visit larger water parks. >> it is a blast and very fun. the slides are incredible. >> reporter: with the hydrops and fast speeds, it may not just simulate risk.
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that is scary actually. >> reporter: in arizona that there are no regulatory inspections like workplaces have. the only rule that the parks must follow is that they carry insurance.>> inspectors are necessarily giving a batch of approval. they are not saying if it is safe or not. what they are doing is assessing risk. that municipalities can make their own inspection rules. but only prescott and the navajo nation do. that's according to the products safety commission. i think that every parent has a right to know and i think they owe it to parents to know this information. because they may change their minds before sending their kids.>> reporter: we reached out to wet and wild to ask about its inspection schedule and he declined to mention. sunsplashed has not replied one way or the other.
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police have arrested a man who was scaling the trump tower with suction cups and a rope. he fastened himself to the building before he was finally taken into custody on the 21st floor. you can see that the police actually blocked his path by breaking out windows and positioning window scaffolding nearby. they ended up having to pull him in and jerk them in the window. his motives are still unclear. at doj report shedding new light on what is going on in the baltimore police department. we will show you the disturbing fines of investigators. plus, just having a job is costing big bucks. coming up, how you can save a few bucks why you are living -- earning them. steve is pulling double duty. you can see them tonight at 10 a clock and then again tomorrow morning on wakeup arizona with
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morning. if you haven't seen
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a justice department report is blasting the baltimore police department. it accuses officers of using excessive force and routinely discriminated against black blacks. this follows the death of freddie gray and reforms are being put into place. a 76-year-old woman was accidentally shot and killed while attending a class about proceeds procedure. the chief is calling this a horrible accident. the officer is on administrative leave while a team investigates. a serial killer known as the grim sleeper has been sentenced to death. ronnie franklin was sentenced today for killing a teenager
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facing a third day of cancellations and delays as it gets its computers running again. more than 300 flights are canceled today. delta hopes that things return to normal by tomorrow. and frontier airlines is downplaying reports of a monkey getting loose on a plane in las
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as hillary clinton and donald trump sprint through the race for the white house trumpet is the off-the-cuff remarks that leave voters wondering about his intent. for clinton it is emails and a private server raising questions about her honesty. both is jews are front and center and greg boswell reports -- both issues are front and center and greg boswell reports.>> it is what it is, okay? >> reporter: it was an off-the- cuff remark that trump made
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judges, there is nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> reporter: trump says he was rallying voters and not inciting violence. we have another controversy on a day when hillary clinton should have multiple problems in the eyes of the american public. >> reporter: that's a reference to multiple emails. roughly 300 pages of them newly released to a conservative the clinton foundation and the state department. one foundation aid and that -- and clinton's deputy chief intent on finding a job. another involves a billionaire donor and a u.s. ambassador to lebanon. a clinton spokesman denies allegations. clinton is focusing on job creation in des moines, iowa.>> in my first 100 days, we are going to do some big investment
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energy technology and advanced manufacturing and small business. >> reporter: the clinton campaign has filed a new group of republicans and independents that they say will elect her. craig boswell, the white house. millions of americans may be exposed to unsafe drinking water. scientists found unsafe levels food packaging and nonstick cooking pans. when ingested, those chemicals can cause health problems including obesity and even cancer. the highest level of the chemicals are found their industrial sites, military bases and wastewater treatment plants. how much does it cost you to go to work? a recent survey found that the average worker spends thousands of dollars a year just to have
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how to save a few bucks while earning them.>> reporter: -- >> almost there, 10 seconds left. >> reporter: to train her nose it costs money to earn a living. >> you have to spend money to make money. i am driving to keep up with my training into my gym stuff for myself. >> reporter: add that to the price of community and a career builder survey finds that the average worker spends $276 per month to go >> most people think about their job and what they get in their paycheck and they need to think more broadly about what it costs to earn a paycheck. the cost of getting to work and the cost of business appropriate clothing and the cost of daycare. it all adds up. >> reporter: those surveyed spend $250 per year on clothing for work and about half of those spend $25 a week or more
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at least $500 per month. even coffee as a. one in four workers who purchase copy spend $25 per week, but there are ways to cut costs. >> if you put your mind to it, you could probably bring those costs down. consider bringing your own lunch and can you car pool?>> reporter: many offer rates on -- cheaper rates on public trsportationan los angeles. here we go. let's take a tour with the doppler radar. we do have showers to talk about. we have had a few stray showers passing through the estrella mountains and south mountain. then shower activity just a the west of buckeye. you can see them and we will watch the cells and they will continue to bring rainfall. like out toward the surprise area and 303, we had rain today, but it looks like things are tapering off in the west
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can see on the outskirts of buckeye out toward portions of the i-10. up in the high country you can see a lot of rainfall wester prescott and showers near flagstaff. then from show low up toward strawberry, that flash flood watch will stay with us until 10 a clock this evening. there is a threat of showers and thunderstorms in the forecast again through tomorrow. the dew point is around 65 and the humidity. it's around 32%. temperatures near 100 degrees. we hit a high of 101 which is below average. we will be below average for the weekend. there is high humidity and showers to the south of us. you can see the cell pushing to the north up toward gila bend right across interstate 8. we
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the chance of rainfall tomorrow morning. they are still say there is a chance of you may want to keep your umbrella handy in case. on thursday the conditions start to dry out and the trite air rosen friday and into saturday. you will see the temperature climb a bit over the weekend. here is the detail for tomorrow. we wake up tomorrow comfortable in the lower 80s. it stays that way through 8:00 and that we warm to the upper 90s. temperatures tomorrow around 4. in the seven day, things start to warm up and it will and 106 on saturday. we will see clear skies to start the work week next week.kris we will enjoy it while we hover around 100 . we just had first lady michelle obama on the store -- he just had first lady michelle obama on the show and now he has britney spears on august 25. that is the day before her new
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5 well, all eyes are on rio as the olympics are in full swing. but, what you are not seeing on tv , actually what you are seeing on tv is just a small
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new tonight. it looks like olympic athletes are chasing more than gold. use of the website tender has jumped as the athletes have moved in. the number of athletic village users is rising every day. while -- while the eyes of
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the world is not seeing. communities surrounding are often plagued with crime and drugs. they feel the games exclude them. >> reporter: it is the largest in rio de janeiro. houses are jammed on top of each other and mobile taxi drivers help people navigate the slopes and narrow alleyways. marcos has lived here for years and has never imagined living anywhere else. >> i love this place and i love the people in this place. >> reporter: he says the olympics are forcing him out of the neighborhoods. the wealthy areas nearby received infrastructure upgrades, but nothing changed for him except his rent which skyrocketed this year.>> unfortunately it is a rio -- reality here in rio de janeiro
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the olympics. we fight to have more equality. >> reporter: even with a million-dollar view, americans would consider this neighborhood in extreme poverty. for the people who live here, all they see is a tight knit community. leander sosa is a hero here. he carried the torch the neighborhood, but he cannot afford to see the games. >> for me it carry the torch as an example for the community. the kids will see that and in the future hopefully they will carry it too.>> reporter: the
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right now we are keeping our eyes on the sky. things are pretty quiet right now, but there is a chance that the valley could see storms tonight. let's go to paul to see what we could expect. kati year was a little weak this morning.
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that will continue through the overnight hours. look at the valley point doppler radar, there is rainfall to the west of buckeye. a few stray showers that you can see on the outskirts of the 303 and moving through surprise. moisture in the high country and you can see out toward flagstaff and toward prescott and toward holbrook, there is a threat of storms that will continue tonight. here are the rainfall totals. sedona was hit hard with over an inch and a half of rain. this is a black canyon area getting a half an inch. this is the valley areas around north scottsdale and mesa. will that continue tomorrow? we will have the answer in a few minutes.>> you can track the storms as they move into the valley anytime and anywhere from your smart phone. just download themobile app and click on the interactive radar. moms have spoken and they are not happy with the choices for this year's presidential election.


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